Oil & Gas

The MD/CED of Kinsfield Energy was the pioneer Managing Director of Oilworld Limited till December 2013. Oilworld is the operator of OPL241 Oil Block in the Continental Shelve of Nigeria.

Kinsfield Energy operates in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Petroleum Industry.

Gold Exploration & Mining

Kinsfield Energy since inception had secured two gold field licenses namely EL13229 covering 7.2 sqkm and EL13512 covering 2.4 sqkm with commercial discoveries in the yagba west area of Kogi State, Nigeria.

Power Generation

Kinsfield Energy is also in the business of power Generation. Kinsfield energy is a minority shareholder in Patina Energy (Ghana) and Patina Energy Resources (Nigeria).

Patina Energy is currently licensed to operate a 200 MW Power Generation Plant in Ghana.

Kinsfield Energy an advocate of renewable energy has concluded plan to establish 100MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant in each geopolitical zone in Nigeria.

Exploration Services

Geological Services

At Kinsfield Energy, We offers a comprehensive portfolio of geological services and products, providing valuable insight into all aspects of natural resource exploration and development, from solid mineral prospectively to reservoir modeling and economic analysis.

We combine leading expertise from the key disciplines of geophysical methods, Geochemical, petroleum geology, structural geology, reservoir geology and engineering, petrophysics and petroleum economics.

We have expertise in geological mapping for solid mineral prospecting such as Iron ore, native metal ores, Coal, Limestone/Marble and other industrial minerals.



Geophysical Services

At Kinsfield Energy Limited, we have expertise in the application of Geophysical principles and Methods in locating economic mineral deposits of interest.
Geophysical methods respond to the physical properties of the sub-surface media (rocks, sediments, water, voids, etc.) and can be broadly classified into two distinct types.

  • Passive methods are those that detect variations within the natural fields associated with the Earth, such as the gravitational and magnetic fields.
  • In contrast are the active methods, such as those used in exploration seismology, in which artificially generated signals are transmitted into the ground, which then modifies those signals in ways that are characteristic of the materials through which they travel. The altered signals are measured by appropriate detectors whose output can be displayed and ultimately interpreted.

We have successfully conducted several geophysical exploration projects in Electromagnetic (EM) Survey, Magnetic Survey, Gravity Survey, Induced Polarization and Resistivity

Geochemical Services
Kinsfield Energy Limited has immense capacity in carrying out geochemical exploration projects both on regional and local scale

Technical Services Department
This arm of Kinsfield Energy Limited is responsible with planning, modeling, executing and setting control measures that drives the company’s productivity. It consists of such units as Mines, Maintenance, Health, Safety and environment. It also supervises civil works and survey activities.


Kinsfield Geoscientist operating ENVI_VLF Equipment


Kinsfield Geoscientists Operating both ENVI_VLF & ENVI PRO MAG Simultaneously


Kinsfield Geoscientist running IP Imaging Using ABEM Terrameter LS