The MD/CEO of Kinsfield Energy, Mr Adekunle Akintola was the pioneer Managing Director of Oilworld Limited from September 2004 till December 2013. Oilworld is the operator of OPL241 Oil Block located in the Continental Shelve of Nigeria.

The MD/CEO of Kinsfield Energy is still a significant Shareholder in Oilworld and has presided over a budget of above USD 100M in exploration activities on OPL241 Oil Block from winning a Bid in 2007, to paying of USD 20M Signature Bonus, posting of USD 25M performance bond, signing of PSC with NNPC, Seismic acquisition and processing of same as a prelude to drilling.

Kinsfield Energy Nigeria in collaboration with Kinsfield Energy LLC Houston commenced international trading of Crude Oil and Refined Products across the globe in January 2014. Kinsfield Energy had since engaged in 3rd party and direct trading platforms internationally.

Kinsfield Energy is currently prospecting for the acquisition of 20,000 MT Tank Farm in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

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